Who wants to feel better?

You, or else you wouldn't be looking at psychotherapists websites. But wait, there's more...maybe you're not sure you can feel better. Maybe you've never been to a psychotherapist before & this is all new to you or was something that "other people" did. You may not know what to expect or have an idea based on a description by someone else or from a book or film. Perhaps this all seems a bit mystical or strange.

Perhaps you have seen a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist before, maybe it was the school counselor, maybe it was someone in private practice. Perhaps someone recommended by a friend or your doctor.  If you have been in therapy before I hope your experience was good but maybe you weren't able to finish your work together. Whether whoever you worked with moved, retired or left the field and left you hanging, it's a strange and uncomfortable feeling to know that you're not quite finished and looking for someone to complete your work with after putting in so much with someone else.

Or you went to therapy to please and pacify someone else in your life - your partner, a loved one, parent or teacher and this got you curious about yourself and now you're thinking of giving therapy a real try - for yourself. If you weren't in treatment for yourself I'm guessing that you weren't satisfied with the experience or, well, as I said up there, you wouldn't be looking here. You'd be dialing there.

What ever your reason is for landing here, welcome!

So, why pick me from all the other therapists out there? Because I'm talking to you. And I will listen to you. You know what's bothering you. You're the best at identifying what you'd like to change. That's what you bring to our work together. What I bring is knowledge, training, flexibility, experience, the willingness to listen to you and the desire to help you.

To make an initial appointment, call 212-947-7111 ext 390.